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Virtual Experience

In the summer of 2020,  through a partnership with A Black Education Network, HIM Tours launched its first virtual experience in Ghana.  Students from across the U.S., explored the bustling city of Accra, learned the history of Cape Coast, and discovered Nzulezo, the Village on Stilts.  To book a virtual tour for your school, university or organization, please contact us.


see the motherland

virtual education



The global pandemic shuddered a lot of travel plans, including a trip abroad for hundreds of students.  But there is more than one way to get children to the Motherland.  Inspired by Monica Utsey's video diary of her trips to Ghana, Debra Watkins, Founder Emerita & Director of Strategic Partnerships for A Black Education Network, decided their organization would sponsor a series of virtual tours.  Virtual Tours 1 & 2 are for children and an adult tour is coming soon.  Stay tuned!


"Feeling Restored and Connected as I continue to process a Live, Virtual #JustHerGetAway.  My 17yr old daughter and I were fortunate enough to make to Accra, Ghana, the whole of last week with  HIM Tours Ghana /Daniel Okpoti...the location of the scene depicted in the second pic is Makola Market, Accra, Ghana...It was amazing😍"

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