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"Give without remembering and take without forgetting." African Proverb

HIM Tours Ghana is committed to giving back to the people of Ghana, particularly the children.  We incorporate giving as a natural aspect of traveling to Ghana.  Please let us know how you want to make an impact and we can identify a worthy organization and facilitate the donation process.  In addition, during each group tour, we arrange for our travelers to have the experience of giving back in Ghana.

HIM TOURS GHANA facilitated a large donation of school supplies on behalf of the Howard University Medical Association.  The after school program, De Blessing, located in the La Community, was the beneficiary.  To say thank you, this wonderful performance was arranged.

On behalf of A Black Education Network, a check was delivered by HIM TOURS GHANA to the husband and wife educator team who direct a school funded by the Jane Quarshie Foundation.

Jane Quarshie Foundation

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