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Daniel Okoe Okpoti

Founder and Lead Guide

I am Daniel Okoe Okpoti.  I am a native of Ghana and  I was born at Labadi Beach - literally.  I arrived early before my mother could reach the hospital, where my twin brother was later born.  I grew up on the beach and have come to know the waters as much as I know my own family.  I love nature and spend lots of time at the beach, where I meet people from all over the world.   I speak English, Twi, and my native language, Ga.
I have always loved to explore and create.  Naturally, I gravitated towards the things I enjoyed most when I decided to start my own business.  My father was a tailor and often wore beautiful necklaces.  He inspired me to teach myself how to create unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces using authentic Ghanaian trade beads.  Designs by Okoe is the official name given to a craft I developed for more than 10 years. 
My work as a trader and jewelry designer took me all over Ghana.  I fell in love with the beauty of my country.  Along the way, I began informally sharing my love of traveling around Ghana with people I met.  Josiah was the first person to trust my guidance.  I took him to Winneba, Dambai, and Kete Krachi, where he interviewed children ranging in age from 5-8 years old who had been sold to the fisherman in Danbai.
I enjoyed the experience so much and discovered I had a natural talent for touring.  In  2010, I made it official and combined my love of nature, travel, art, technology and social media, to officially launch HIM Tours Ghana.  Shortly after, I landed my second clients, Tyshia and Obidia.  I created a memorable 5-day experience for them in Accra and Cape Coast.
H.I.M. is an acronym for His Imperial Majesty. The name of my company pays homage to my love for the Rastafarian culture and their focus on family, peaceful, and natural living.
I am a proud father of four and I have a passion for children and education.  I am spirit driven in my work and believe that in addition to creating unique and memorable experiences for those who travel to Ghana, it is also my duty to build my community.  My aim is to be a blessing through my work.

When you choose HIM Tours, you become a part of the family and gain lifelong friends in Ghana.  Thank you for trusting our team to make your stay a memorable one.  I am committed to showing you the local life because it's how you feel the REAL AFRICA!

              ~Blessings from Above!

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Monica Z. Utsey

U.S. Tour Coordinator

Monica first traveled to Ghana in 2019 during the historic Year of Return.  She loved Ghana so much that she visited three more times that year.  The history, the culture, and the people captivated the writer and explorer so much that she joined HIM Tours Ghana as the U.S. Coordinator.  Monica is a veteran homeschool educator and lifelong learner.  She is passionate about helping others to make the pilgrimage back home. Monica says Ghana is so much more than a vacation, it is a return to the source.

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Kim Ulmer Koldby

European Tour Coordinator and

Business Partner

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