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Founder/Tour director

           Daniel Okoe Okpoti, Founder and Lead Guide of HIM Tours, embodies the spirit of Ghana, born on Labadi Beach with an innate connection to nature. Fluent in English, Twi, and his native Ga, he combines a passion for exploration with his craftsmanship in creating unique Ghanaian trade bead necklaces through Designs by Okoe.

        Daniel's journey began as a trader and jewelry designer, leading him to fall in love with Ghana's beauty. His informal tours attracted kindred spirits, officially giving rise to HIM Tours in 2010. The acronym H.I.M. reflects his reverence for the Rastafarian culture's emphasis on family, peace, and natural living.  Daniel's commitment extends beyond tourism; he envisions HIM Tours as a force for community upliftment. Rooted in a spirit-driven approach, his mission goes beyond creating memorable experiences—it's about being a blessing to his community.

      Choosing HIM Tours means joining a family and gaining lifelong friends in Ghana. Daniel invites you to experience the REAL AFRICA, promising a memorable stay with a team dedicated to showcasing the roots, culture, and modern side of this vibrant nation. Trust us to make your journey an unforgettable one.



             Monica, the Global Tour Manager for HIM Tours, began her journey with the company through a solo trip to Ghana that transcended into a significant partnership. Visiting more than seven regions with HIM Tours, Monica's organic social media posts documented her exploration, capturing the essence of Ghana's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.

         In 2019, during the historic Year of Return, Monica embarked on her first trip to Ghana and fell deeply in love with the country. Captivated by the history, culture, and warmth of the people, she returned three more times that year. This profound connection led Monica to join HIM Tours Ghana as the U.S. Coordinator.

               A veteran homeschool educator and lifelong learner, Monica seamlessly incorporates her passion for travel, education, history, and culture into her role as a content creator and storyteller for HIM Tours' social media. Her posts transcend mere visuals, offering a narrative that educates and inspires. For Monica, Ghana is not just a vacation—it's a pilgrimage back home, a return to the source.

            As the Global Tour Manager, she is dedicated to helping others make this transformative journey, sharing the richness of Ghana's heritage with the world.

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