Explore Roots, Culture & Arts  Ghana, West Africa

August 12-23, 2021

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Join us as we journey into what is known as the Gateway to Africa.  We will explore traditional tourist sites, delve into cultural traditions, and enjoy the food, music, and nightlife in Ghana.  We will mingle with the people and veer off the path to have unique "HIM Tours Experiences."  We will explore the roots of Ghana, the culture, and the arts. 


Accra is the capital city of Ghana.  This vibrant city is home to more than 2 million people.  Sitting on the Gulf of Guinea,  is historic Jamestown, a vibrant area in Accra tWe will explore Jamestown on foot, learning about the people, the boxing legends, the High Life music, the art and more.  Jamestown is also where Chale Wote, the largest arts festival in Accra, will be based.  

We will visit Cape Coast

Our journey continues to the  beautiful coastline of Cape Coast and Elmina. This will be an emotional and necessary part of our movement.  But not before tracing our ancestors footsteps from Assin Manso.  We'll lighten the visit to this region with a trip to Kakum National Park,  made up of mostly undisturbed virgin rainforest and one of the most famous national parks in Ghana. 

We will visit Kumasi

Kumasi is near Lake Bosomtwe, in a rain forest region, and is the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the historical Ashanti Empire. Kumasi is also known as "The Garden City" because of its many beautiful species of flowers and plants in the past. It is also called Oseikrom (Osei Tutu's town).  We will visit the Bonwire Weaving Village, world renowned for Kente cloth.  We'll also visit the carving village and the Adrinkra stamp village.

The Festivals We Will Attend

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Secure your spot with a $100 deposit.  We prefer payments in Zelle or PayPal.  To keep on track and make the cost of the trip more manageable,  monthly payments will be set for March 15, April 15, May 15, June 15, and a final payment on July 15.

Zelle: monica.utsey@msn.com

PayPal: motherjegna@msn.com


We have opted not to include airfare in the cost of the trip due to the less than competitive offers we received.  The prices were higher due to administrative fees charged for group planning.  Instead, we will work with travelers to find group discounts.  We also understand that some travelers may have frequent flyer miles or credits from previous flights that may have been canceled during the worldwide lockdowns.  In addition, for travelers who want to stay longer, having the flexibility to book separately or adjust flights is ideal.


We have not included meals for a number of reasons.  In my experience, its better to choose your own food.  There will be travelers who want to be adventurous and try Ghanaian food.  Then there will be travelers who want to stick with the familiar. To prevent disappointment and wasting money, we will choose restaurants with a variety of options such as vegan, vegetarian, continental, and local Ghanaian dishes. Food is affordable.  Dinner and drinks should cost no more than $12 USD.  For those who want to eat local, the cost is even less at $5 USD for a filling meal and bottled water.

Weekly Communication & Trip Preparation

Each week you will receive an email with important information and education regarding the trip.  We will walk you through every stage of the process, from securing your Visas to obtaining Covid tests for flights.  All of your questions will be answered and by the time we take flight you will be prepared for a full and life-changing experience.  Once you register, you will be given access to our private Facebook, Messenger and What's App Group.

Please register right away.  We will begin weekly communication regarding the trip on March 15.

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HOMOWO FESTIVAL is just one of the many cultural experiences we will have.  The Homowo Festival is a month long celebration of the harvest mainly celebrated by the Ga people in the Greater Accra area of Ghana.  The festival is not necessarily held at one specific time but is usually held near August. Homowo is translated to mean “hooting at hunger” or sometimes “shame to hunger.” As the story goes, when the Ga people first came to the area, there was a severe famine for a number of years. Eventually, the Ga people fasted and prayed, then began farming and had an excellent crop.

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CHALE WOTE STREET ART FESTIVAL is a street art festival held every August in Accra.  Chale Wote attracts some of the world’s best Black artists to Ghana for a celebration of art appreciation in the form of an open-air street gallery.  Enjoy everything from live paintings to spoken word to murals and music, no art form is left unexplored. The week-long festival is held in historic Jamestown.